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Printed paper wine bag

Wine is an exceptionally versatile, elegant and tasteful gift. This liquor is suitable for giving for virtually any occasion - by itself or as a nice addition to a larger gift for birthdays, anniversaries, a also as a “thank you present” for the invitation when you go to visit. You don't have to be lit wine connoisseur to be able to appreciate such a gift. Its long and narrow bottle, however, makes it quite heavy find the right packaging for this type of gift. Gift bags were created especially for this purpose wine, the dimensions of which perfectly match the specificity of the bottles of this beverage.

Paper bags for wine with a print for companies

Wine bags with the company logo are perfect for various occasions such as business meetings or business eves. As a manufacturer that places particular emphasis on the good of the environment, we create products in accordance with balanced approach. In this way, by choosing our printed wine paper bags, you can convey to employees or potential business partners that the fate of the environment is not indifferent to the company. This, in turn, results in a positive reception and more willing cooperation. It happens so, because in today's world more and more people are paying attention to what steps companies are taking, to minimize the negative impact on the environment. At the same time often resigning from the services of companies that have a fate the environment is indifferent.

Choose the perfect wine bag!

A paper gift bag for wine with a print made by us is a fully ecological product durable. As a manufacturer, we offer a wide range of configuration options for a given order. A wine bag you can choose with a textile or twist handle. In addition, we also offer a wide range of colors both neutral and lively, intense. For people expecting the highest quality, we have prepared laminated wine paper bag. Thanks to the additional coating, it is stiffer, and thus also more durable and durable than the standard proposal. This variant looks elegant because of the shiny finish. Laminated paper wine bags with your logo is a great choice that you will be able to use multiple times.

Laminated wine bag - various colors

The laminated paper wine bag is available in many colors. Offered by us silver, gold, green, blue or red packaging will perfectly emphasize the nobility of the packaged liquor. We also offer classic versions of the laminated paper wine bag in white and black. In addition, we can print some graphics or logo on the bag. For this purpose, we use a proven and safe method of screen printing or ofset. Printed paper wine bags are eagerly purchased by consumers, as they allow them to personalize gifts for loved ones.

Wine gift bag as advertising

Wine bags imprinted or with a company logo are effective mobile advertisements with which you can increase brand recognition. The packaging we produce impresses with impeccable aesthetics, thanks to which effectively attract the eyes of passers-by. As a result, paper wine bags with a logo or print reach the wide audience. This, in turn, is conducive to both brand building and development. We invite you to cooperation!