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Printed laminated paper bags

The art of giving gifts is not only about the right selection of content, but also visually aesthetic packaging. A laminated paper bag with a print is the perfect choice for any occasion, especially when you are looking for a product of the highest quality. This type of packaging was treated with a laminate, which not only makes it durable, but also has better visual qualities. Our printed laminated paper sheets have a glossy finish giving them luxury appearance of products.

Laminated bags with print from a pro-ecological manufacturer

As a manufacturer of laminated bags, we guarantee that our products are made entirely of high-quality paper grammage, making them durable and tear-resistant. These features are enhanced by the application laminate, which strengthens them and makes them resistant to bending. This means that our laminated bags can be successfully used many times, which results in savings and reduction creating too much waste.

Laminated advertising bags for companies that care about their image

Do you want your gift to be unforgettable and the image of your company to remain in the memory of the recipients? We will make sure that a carefully made laminated paper bag with a logo or print becomes part of the creation of brand visual identity. The packaging produced by us will delight you with its excellent aesthetics. Promotional bags laminated is a great choice because, unlike traditional paper variants, they are unique durable. They look great, which also increases the prestige of the company. Laminated advertising bags are building a positive brand image.

Laminated advertising bags for companies that care about their image

A perfectly made by us laminated paper bag with a logo imprint can focus the eyes of the wide group of recipients. The packaging looks good and at the same time is very practical. Taking one of them in hand, you are immediately sure that it is a premium, more luxurious product. Especially that we offer laminated paper bags with prints and logos, with strong synthetic or cotton handles. Though it might seem that this is a seemingly trivial issue, even such a detail can affect the opinion of potential customers or employees regarding a given company. High-quality products, such as laminated paper bags help significantly to create a company's image as professional enterprise.

Laminated bags without printing

We are a manufacturer of unprinted laminated bags that enjoy positive feedback from our satisfied customers. We offer these packaging in many unique colors. They enjoy great popularity in navy blue, white, silver and gold laminated paper bags - available in our assortment. Packaging in these colors always feels luxurious. We offer not only shiny bags. As a manufacturer, we also optionally create practical packaging in a matte version. Both types of laminated paper bags will impress with their excellent design. We invite you!