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Eco-friendly gift bags

PRESTIGE are ecological gift bags that perfectly replace laminated variants. They are light, durable and extremely versatile. They can be used as gift wrap for all kinds of occasions - more or less formal.

PRESTIGE - premium ecological gift bags

PRESTIGE bags are reusable, which saves our environment and money. Unlike ordinary disposables, our proposal is a pro-ecological solution to limit the creation of unnecessary waste. Ecological gift bags are made of paper, a fully biodegradable material, the use of which is much more ecological than the use of plastic. We focus on quality and ecology at the same time - without using half measures.

For our customers, we also offer many options to match the ecological gift bags according to their preferences. We have a wide range of sizes and colors - from natural to muted to intense colors. We also offer a choice of custom sizes, in case the standard sizes we offer do not meet your expectations.