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Manufacturer of paper bags - wholesale

We are a manufacturer and wholesaler of paper bags, as well as many other variants of packaging used for carrying purchases or small gifts. Our diverse offer has been adapted to your needs every consumer - not only in terms of materials, but also colors. As a handbag wholesaler of paper, we can offer a variety of models in many colors. In addition to the standard variants we also offer premium versions that are perfect as gift packaging. Thanks to using the high-quality material and reinforced handles, they can be used many times.

A manufacturer of paper bags - an ecological choice

As a manufacturer of paper bags, we know perfectly well how important it is for the environment to minimize production plastic and launching products made of natural, biodegradable materials. This is why we are now offering elegant, recyclable alternatives to the once popular carrier bags. Contrary to appearances, paper bags from our manufacturer are more durable than the variants plastic - cope much better with both weight and high pressure. The ecological variants are in then not only a better choice for the environment, but also greater functionality for the consumer.

Paper bags from our warehouse are a marketing tool for your company

We also offer the possibility of personalizing our paper bags. Any variant can stay decorated with a company-unique trademark printed using various methods - choice may depend on the specifics of a given model. Packaging such as paper bags from the manufacturer Green Print with logo printing is a great way to promote your company and show professionalism. Companies choosing this type of personalized solutions increase their recognition, and thus,are a reliable source of goods and services. This means that paper bags from our warehouse will be perfect marketing tool for companies from many different industries. We produce paper bags and offer them wholesale in any quantity. The final price depends on order size, type and selected print. If you choose the possibility of printing with a logo, the cost of the entire order can be determined only after sending and approving the file with graphics.